Tri-State Flight Club


The FAA tracks active certified pilots that have current pilots license at 594,285 within the U.S. 211,619 are civilian aviation pilots.  Only 50,00 of these licensed own aircraft.
Those licensed pilots who do not own a plane, rent flight hours from plane owners having their aircraft tied down at civilian aviation airfields who do.  Arrangements for flight time are made with flight instructors available at general aviation airfields.  Flight instructors receive 14% of the gross per hour rental fees charged.  Most rentals are for two hours.  Rates range from $125.00/hour and up depending on the type and size of plane rented.  The hourly rates do not usually include aviation fuel cost.  The pilot seeking to rent a plane is generally restricted to fly whatever plane may be available for use at the time and date requested.  Most often these planes are 10 years old or older.  In many instances, the plane available may be a four-place craft renting at a substantially greater cost than a two-place plane and not suitable to the average recreational pilot seeking a plane at that time.
YourPlane offers new electric powered FAA certified aircraft at a rental rate of $100.00 per hour to non-club members with flight duration times of 2-1/2 hours per battery charge,  The flight club provides 25 hours of flight time annually to club members at no per hour cost. The planes are electric powered eliminating fuel cost associated with aviation fueled planes.  Assuming club members flew 10 hours per month their non-club hourly rental cost would be $1,250.00 plus fuel.  Aviation fuel cost on average $5.00 per gallon.  Burn rate is generally 6 – 8 gallons per hour depending upon the type and model of the rented plane.   
When the plane is being flown by a club member having used their allotted 25 hours per year it is made available to them at $90.00/hour.  A non-member pilot use of our planes creates a rental frequency per plane of approximately 40 hours per month generating $4,000.00 gross income.  The approximation has 20 pilots renting a plane for a flight time of 2 hours per rental.
Membership in our flying club is $150.00 to join with monthly dues of $50.00.  A 25 hour per year allotment of flight time is offered to members.  Members book time in advance by accessing the time and location of available aircraft via our app to ensure that they will have a plane available when desired.
The company expects to have 50 planes tied down at 35 regional air-fields in the United States within the next two years permitting future expansion of its flight club operation.  10 planes will be placed immediately in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Phoenix.  In those locations, memberships will be limited to 1,000 licensed pilots.


No Costly Hourly Rates

Recall the reason why you obtained a license to fly.  Why you spent the money and time to earn your private pilots’ license and the joy you had when it was granted.  Most civilian aviation pilots enjoy the pleasure of the recreational use of an airplane flying two hours a day with wife or girlfriend or buddy sitting next to them.

Hassle Free

Members are awarded 25 hours per year of no-cost flying.  No hourly rates, no fuel, nothing out of pocket.  Simply log on the club app and schedule a time to take possession of the club’s new two-seat electric powered airplane at an airfield convenient to you.  The planes are fully certified with a flight duration time of 2-1/2 hours per battery charge and attain airspeed of up to 100 miles per hour with a flight ceiling of 10,000 feet.  

Online Scheduling

Each licensed flight club member has access to our easy to use schedule page.  Identify which of the three states where our planes are tied down and your date and time of use.  Access to scheduling is available on your pc or smartphone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The club has aircraft in California, Nevada, and Arizona.  

Cost Benefits

Members save the usual $120.00/hour or higher plane rental cost plus the aviation fuel cost.   These combined costs usually equal about $170.00 or more per hour of flight time.  The average time a recreational flyer uses an airplane is two hours which translates into a total per occasion cost of $340.00 or more.  Now members pay $0.00 (zero dollars) for the same two hours of enjoyable noise free flight time.  25 hours per year at the above-stated rates equal $4,250,00.  Members cost per year equals $600.00 ($50.00 per month).

Membership Costs

The cost to join the club is a one -time payment of $150.00.  Thereafter to continue as a member of the club a monthly dues charge is $50.00.  There is no contract or requirement to continue membership beyond the month for which dues are paid.  Members are provided additional hours of aircraft use at a rate of $90.00 per hour when they have exceeded their 25 hours allotment.